Alpine Coaster

Tell your guests about Snowmass’ NEW Breathtaker Alpine Coaster at Elk Camp. It has become extremely popular, so please encourage your guests to make reservations. When bringing a class or private to the Alpine Coaster that consists of children 17 years or younger, you must get a release signed by a parent. You cannot sign a release form without the parent …

No Employee Parking at Buttermilk

Please take note that when making plans with your guests to ski at Buttermilk, there is no employee parking during these dates.

Snowmass Adult Team Scheduling Request Cheat Sheet

Not all scheduling requests that come up as choices in your pro card are requests that we use on the Adult Team Division. Below is a cheat sheet of requests that we use and explanations for when they should be used. Hope this helps. 

Pre-Season Checklist

Work Ready. Sign up at Pickup Pass Pickup Uniform (Starting November 17th) Email an electronic copy of your certification (a clear photo from your phone will do) or a screen shot of your PSIA/AASI profile, or equivilant association, to Marge Holbrook at It is imperative that you accomplish this before you arrive to begin work and/or training for the season. Sign Work Agreements and turn into coordinators. Snowmass …